Wall Bases

Ensure proper air circulation with rubber vented wall bases

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We professionally install rubber vented wall bases designed specifically for sports floors in gymnasiums to ensure proper air circulation.

Wall bases are essential for the expansion and contraction of the floors. When hardwood gym floors are installed, boards slightly move with activity and temperature changes. The wall bases ensure complete coverage no matter the situation.

We recommend each hardwood floor to have rubber vented wall bases installed to ensure floor board fit.

Benefits of Wall Bases:

Allow floor to expand and contract freely

Permits proper air circulation


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Our Work

Below is an example of a rubber vented wall base.


Wall bases materials displayed on a gym floor in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Wall base installed on a gym floor in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Process

Crown Sports Floors installs wall bases efficiently and effectively.

Step One

Our team measures the parameter of the gym floor to determine the correct amount of materials needed to cover the floor.

Step Two

Wall bases are installed by properly securing all units to the entire parameter of the walls.

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