Gym Floor Repairs

Fix the damaged section without replacing the whole floor

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At times, some circumstances demand that your gym floors need repairs or replacement due to flooding or an accident.

To properly execute a repair project, each floor has its particular subfloor that must be matched to maintain its resiliency. The hardwood itself must have the proper thickness, width, and grade of wood to keep visual consistency. Finally, the floor craftsman must accurately feather in each piece of the repairs, so it looks like as there have been no repairs done.

We pride ourselves in being able to fix the damaged area and match the wood and stain to the existing floors.

Benefits of Repairs

Expertly Corrected Repairs

Cost-effective solution

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The Repair Process

Depending on the damage, our team might be able to repair your floor rather than replacing it.

Here’s how we would approach a repair project.

Step One

A site visit is required to determine the extent of floor damage and evaluate how to execute the repair.

Step Two

After the site visit and assessment, we determine how to execute the fix and will share the plan with your team.

Step Three

Each system will require a new approach. We take great care to ensure the floor repair is as per spec.

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