Gym Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your floors makes them appear brand new

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Refinishing your gym floor will make your old floor look like new and bring the quality of the wood back to life. Refinished floors have the same appearance and texture as new floors, but it cost far less.

If you begin to notice that the wooden sports floors have gouges, marks, scratches and look aged, it is a good time to refinish the floors. Refinished gym floors can save your organization time and money by extending the life of your floors by 10 years or more.

Our professional technicians will buff out the floor’s blemishes while protecting the integrity of the wood. We apply several protective coats to the floor which is important for athlete safety and keeps your gym in top notch shape.

Another reason a floor may need to be refinished is due to improper maintenance. Improperly maintained hardwood could cause injury to athletes since the floor is not optimal for high levels of activity and the surface is slippery.

Furthermore, you may need to refinish your floors if the protective coat was incorrectly applied. Floors with too thinly applied protective coats create wood exposures and are prone to damage. Alternatively, coats applied too thickly will change the colour.

To maximize performance and protect athlete safety, we recommend that gym floors are resurfaced every 8 to 10 years. Add a new logo to customize your floor and put life back into your school spirit.

Have your hardwood gym floor professionally maintained by our team. We take great pride in improving each gym we work on.

Benefits of Floor Refinishing:


Revitalizes Appearance

Athlete Safety


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Our Work

We take pride in our refinishing service — from start to finish.
See how refinishing a gym floor brings it back to life.

gym floor refinishing

Floor refinishing service in Calgary, AB. A team member is carefully removing the old finish.

gym floor refinishing

Refinished floor with game lines completed in Edmonton, AB.

gym floor refinishing

Old finish removed and ready for game lines and coating in Edmonton, AB.

gym floor refinishing

Gym floor refinishing service in Saskatchewan.

The Process

Refinishing will improve the look and performance of the gym floor.
Here’s how we will get started.

Step One

For each floor we work on, our team will review the age and condition first to ensure best next steps. We will also review the types of products you’ve used in the past and confirm that all of the new applications are compatible. We then make a recommendation tailored specifically to your floor type and needs.

Step Two

Our next step is to inspect the floors thoroughly and start cleaning and planning. We will then screen the gym to prepare for the new protective coat.

Step Three

Each floor will receive several protective coats to bring back the hardwood’s shine and durability. Professionally refinished floors ensure the safety of the athletes and should be a routine part of the maintenance plan every 8 to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use.

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