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Gymnasiums go through rigorous activities and accidents happen. We extend the life of sports floors with our screen and recoating service. Crown Sports Floors has a well-established reputation for fixing gyms and getting them back to service immediately.

Not only will recoating keep your floors looking like new and shiny, but it is imperative for the safety of the athletes. For example, shoes squeaking on a gym floor means that your athletes are getting the proper amount of traction, and are less likely to slip and fall.

Most wood sports floors need this maintenance annually, though some facilities that use their floors on a daily basis may require recoating services twice a year.

For heavily used floors, we offer a Just Like New Maintenance program. We offer a reduced rate for those who schedule multiple recoating services from us on an annual basis. Give us a call for more information.

Benefits of Recoating

Cost-effective solution

Important for Athlete Safety

Improve floor appearance


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Our Work

We take pride in our recoating service — from start to finish.
See how recoating brings the floors back to life.


A recoating project in progress at a gym in Calgary, AB.


Our highly skilled staff applying recoating product on a hardwood floor in Edmonton, AB.


Routine maintenance includes annual recoating. The above shows an application in Edmonton, AB.


The above shows a floor in Northern, AB that was recently recoated.

The Process

Trust the experts with your next recoating project.
Crown Sports Floors will make the process easy.

Step One

For every new project we work on, we first assess the floor condition and determine the best way to protect the integrity of the floor.

Step Two

The next step is to clean and screen and clean the floor surface. For this procedure, we use a light-weight sanding paper on our equipment. Our team applies the sanding paper with extreme care to protect the integrity of the wood.

Step Three

Once the cleaning and screening step is finished, we then apply multiple coats of urethane to protect the floor surface and extend the lifespan of the floor.

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