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Properly installed floor sockets are essential the keep athletes’ safe. We cater to every need with expert installation and a complete range of floor sockets, including floating floor sockets.

We will first proceed with our professional concrete coring service will ensure the stability of your gym equipment. We drill holes in your existing concrete flooring and size it to your equipment. We can cut any diameter or depth so your equipment can be properly mounted.

Floor sockets are typically made of steel which ensures the stability of the equipment — also keeping athletes safe from any equipment failures.

Floor sockets are easy to clean and require little maintenance over time.

Benefits of Floors Sockets

Properly anchored equipment

Durable materials withstand heavy use

Minimal maintenance required


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Our Work

Floor sockets will stabilize gym equipment so you can spend more time watching the game rather than setting up.


Floor sockets prior to installation in Edmonton, AB.


Floor sockets anchor for post in Grand Prairie, AB.

The Process

Getting a new floor installed doesn’t need to be rocket science.
Follow these steps, and we’ll be able to get started right away.

Step One

We access the size of the equipment and determine the diameter of the concrete coring of the floors.

Step Two

Once the size of the equipment is determined, we proceed and drill holes in the same location as the existing ones. Our equipment allows us to fit your posts correctly.

Step Three

After the concrete coring is complete, we install the floor sockets and test your equipment.

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